Classical Pianist

"Azusa's noble and kind heart seeps through each and every note as she plays with absolute elegance and beauty."

"Azusa Hokugo's reading of Brouillards and Feuilles Mortes [from Debussy's Preludes] were polished and sensitive;" Debussy's 150th Anniversary Concert at Carnegie Hall's Weill Recital Hall in New York City.

                                       - New York Concert Review

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Azusa will perform with...


- Alan Baer, principal Tubist of New York Philharmonic, NYCC (New York Composers Circle) concert “Musical Bridges” at National Opera Center, NYC in March 2020 -- Canceled due to the pandemic.

- Aaron VanderWeele, 2007 the International Euphonium Player of the Year, for The Salavation Amy, Montclair Citadel, 2019 Christmas Benefit Concert.


- NY Philharmonic Trumpet player, Kenny DeCarlo at Steinway Hall, NYC (for Vincent Bach Brass Company) in October 2019  

- Kenny DeCarolo, NY Philharmonic Trumpet player, performing Claude Bolling Toot Suite at Rutgers University in February 2019. 

- "Timekeeping and Stealing Time"  performing chamber music and piano solo. "Music at Museum" concert series at Zimmerlie Museum at Rutgers University in February 2019.

- Dianthus Chamber Ensemble  "New Year Recital" at Opera America (National Opera Center), NYC in January 2019. 

- Aaron VanderWeele, 2007 the International Euphonium Player of the Year, and Burt Mason, the Julliard School Trombone faculty at "Don Winston and Friends" in Long Island, NY in November 2018.

- Ahn Trio and Spokane Symphony in Spokane, Washington performing Mark O'Conner's Triple Concerto in February 2018.

- Alan Baer, the principal Tubist with New York Philharmonic, at Richard H. Shindell Choral Hall, Rutgers University, NJ in January 2018.