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Online Lessons

Azusa’s online music studio has been growing! The music lessons are high in quality and technology; equipped with a Yamaha C5 grand piano in her studio with 2 web cameras enabling instant demonstration (with one showing the full keyboard and the other – the full body).  Sheet-music can be viewed instantaneously on the screen with editing capability, and students are able to view the sheet-music with marked suggestions in real-time during the lesson.  These are then sent to the students along with detailed lesson-notes after each class via email.  By using Zoom software and program, students can also record their lessons. And finally, they are always welcomed to ask questions throughout the week by sending short video-questions.   As a part of the online lesson experience, Online Live Recitals, as well as YouTube Video-Recorded Recitals are provided.  
YouTube Recital, May 2020
InkedZoom recital 2 .jpg
Online Live Recital for Young Students

Photos from Online Lessons

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Snapshot - 19.png
Snapshot - 13.png
Snapshot - 20.png
Snapshot - 14.png
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